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About us

The success of the firm is rooted in the knowledge and leadership abilities of the principals and the design and technical expertise of the staff-all applied to each client's unique objectives. Approaching each project as a member of a cooperative team, which often includes representatives of government agencies and specialty consultants, DELTA INTERIORS strives to create Spaces of architectural significance that benefit the public, enhance their context, and meet the finances and schedule objectives of the customer.

Our goal & vision

Our Interior Design practice is architecturally based. Our depth of resources - from large-scale strategic planning to step-by-step quality control - enables our interiors group to address comprehensive building-related problems as adeptly as solving ordinary furnishing and fittings problems. Our skill has shown that extensive knowledge of workplace strategies helps foster design that is good for business as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our greatest strength is our ability to arrive at effective solutions early in the design process - before the allocation of significant resources. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand and plan for the unique operational and organizational needs of our clients. We apply a comprehensive planning process to all projects, regardless of scale.

Services we provide

  • Interior design for corporate, commercial, hospitality, and residential projects.
  • Top level contractors and suppliers
  • Plan with concern for environment
  • Incorporation of designs which are in harmony with environment
  • Well-timed completion of quality work